We’re finally back, and the past few weeks failed to kill me.
Boy howdy did they try, though.

I wish I had more to show for all the wait you’ve had to sit through, but all I’ve got is a finished version of this page and the plan that updates will resume at their old pace.

-=Old Update Below=-

So…. this page is going to be up for a while.
Ari and I are going to be in Japan within a few days. Katsucon prep looms. In order to maintain semi-decent health of a physical and mental varieties, I’m sorry to say that Mastery is going on a bit of a hiatus.
I’m aiming to have this up and running again on February 26th.
Ideally, webcomic artists generally have a build-up of pages for times like these, but… like… I’ve never been able to manage that?

Part of this is going to be a website redesign to hopefully help with load times.
Part of this will be getting a page or two ahead so I’m not cramming every bit I can in at the last minute.
Too many mistakes are making it through and I’m genuinely grumpy about the quality of art that’s been being put out, particularly because of the backgrounds.
I finally got my meds in order, so this seems like a good time to finally make this push.

I’ll be around and watching the comments if you want to reach out.