This one might not get fully finished this week as I’ll be poofing away t’NYC on Thursday, but I’ll get it as far along as possible. Then, a weekend off to maybe get caught up before Tekko… and then a long long break in conventions until likely SPX. We’ll be back to regular finished updates soon.

Zenkaikon wasn’t bad. I didn’t take commissions at it in hopes of getting my queue whittled down instead. Kinda made a dent in it. Gonna get to bed before I stare blankly at the screen for another five minutes. XD

As always, thanks for watching and for your patience.
Also, if you’ve been following the Love Live fanfics over on Ao3, I swear I’ll have an up on Nishikino at some point soon. 10k words into the next chapter. Just need more time in the day… which is a song everyone around me is getting sick of. <3