That… looks pretty rough there.

Good thing we know she made it through. You know, since the last time we saw her at the end of the prequel she had a lot of the scars she earned in those mini-scenes.

That was a pretty hefty side-trip!
This caps off Conflict of Interests. I’m going to need to take a week or three off to get the previously unfinished pages wrapped up and get this thing in shape for printing. Keep an eye out for those as well as hopefully some in-progress bonus materials that will likely be merch plans and ideas for our table at SPX (which I’m absolutely 900% nervous about). This is going to be an expensive couple of months. Going to be reprinting the Min book again (since even the 2nd run was just terrible) as well as getting the next one printed that will include Act 1 – Ignition and Conflict of Interests, putting everything we’ve seen here on the site so far into printed form.