Somewhere along the post-art-school haze of work, video gaming, and fan fiction reading, an old friend from junior high school started reminding me that I was going to tell her story. Since animation was too time-intensive, we agreed that a webcomic would be our best bet.


A lot has happened since then. Sarah, that old friend in question, helped remind me of a lot of the other people who helped shape that story and they’ve been getting a lot of attention while I learned about this whole… making comics thing. I also got married, started supporting my wife’s business with artwork and at-convention commission work, gave up World of Warcraft, and have kept working at the international non-profit that keeps the bills paid.


Aside of not getting enough sleep or having much in the way of free time, life has been good to me. I’ve got some great friends and I get to eat lots of good food. I’m a pretty happy guy and if you ever see us at a convention, feel free to drop in and say hi. I have a pretty terrible memory, but that’ll just mean you get to make another fun first impression!

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