Still getting ready for SPX. <3

Have a few of the older pages that were still sketchwork finally colored and finished. Also, just uploaded the files for the new book~ 

(New Min Book Cover)

We’re not back just yet, but we DID secure some quotes and made a little progress on getting these new books ready. Obviously, this new cover is far from completed, but it’s a lot closer than it was!

It wouldn’t be dramatic to say that the past month and some change have been among the hardest of my adult life. I’m not going to dump all my personal woes here, but there’s a reason the website’s been so quiet for such an unacceptable amount of time. I’m finally moving again and the problems have stabilized enough that I should be good to get the artwork flowing again… assuming the hits don’t keep coming. I see that you’ve all kept checking in, and that’s helped a lot. <3

Regardless of how bad things get, I’m going to get this story out. Thanks for hanging in there with me.