I’m pretty lucky.
Neither Ari or I have been canned from work.
Neither of us appear to have caught the Covid.
We’ve both been working from home, which has been more productive on that front than I’d have expected and we get to spend every minute of the day together.
For these things, I’ve been really grateful.

That’s been the only really good thing on the work front.
Things have been busy, and incredibly stressful.
I haven’t had any time to get any artwork done. I still haven’t even finished last week’s page.
Normally, I’d whip up some fun ridiculous thing for April Fools.
This year’s been rough enough. I’m goin’ for comfort food.

Until I get back to the point where my stress levels don’t have me shaking all the time, I’m going to be indulging in fluff.
The art is coming slow. Just this much took me like, three hours. This page will fill out more as I can, and continue until I got my crap together.
Hang in there. Stay safe.