Published On: February 5, 2016

Spoiling the Surprise!

Kenji'd been saving that for a special occasion!

4 thoughts on “Spoiling the Surprise!

  1. Now we see Cheng stop being a grumpy old man and more of a cool bro to Kenji.

    And panel 2 really shows the resemblance between Xiu Mei and Min Hua.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Ari keeps telling me how happy she is about the family resemblance thing.
      I always worried people wouldn’t see it, but I’m glad she’s not the only one <3

      1. This whole 4koma has Xiu Mei looking VERY much like Min Hua. It isn’t just the physical resemblance, Xiu Mei is carrying much of the same personality as Min Hua under the surface, and of course, Grandpa is pretty good at peeling back the hard exterior of Xiu Mei and exposing the little meek granddaughter underneath.

  2. Are Kenji and Cheng similar ages? I got the impression that Cheng is a full generation older, but he doesn’t *act* like it. Is Kenji somewhere between Cheng and Lin Shen?

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