Published On: March 15, 2023

Edmund’s Mum

I think she fancies Deej. Just a bit. Maybe just Deej's shirt allergy. And there it is. Intermission 2 ended up being 43 pages.

5 thoughts on “Edmund’s Mum

  1. Um, I think your word bubbles in panel 4 might be a little off. The first of Deej’s looks like it should be Mum’s, and I’m not sure where the “Oh!” bubble is supposed to go.

    Hopefully we get more Min Hua and Rei story soon, I miss those two already…

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      All the stuff being said in panel 1 was definitely from the Mum. I should probably just put the text bubble arrow thingie pointing down.

  2. Panel 1 is fine. You have in panel 4:

    Mum: “Oh, leaving so soon?”
    Deej: “We just received word from our employer, didn’t we, Eddie?”
    Mum: “Oh!”
    Edmund: “Mm. Yeah. Sounds like we’re off to…”
    Edmund: “Where did you say again?”
    Deej: “All the way out by Cheng Du. We’d best be packing… after a sip, of course.”

    Sorry, I really hate to be a nitpicker, but I know you want to correct this stuff.
    If I have this wrong, sorry about that.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      I’d originally meant that ‘leaving so soon’ to be Deej picking on Edmund since he was sneaking off.
      I like your take better xD

  3. Looks good! Looking forward to more.

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