Published On: March 2, 2022

Not Surprised. Just Disappointed.

Man, it doesn't look like anyone's having a good time here. (The cons were amazing, but we're soooo out of practice!)

5 thoughts on “Not Surprised. Just Disappointed.

  1. Not sure I’m following the flow here.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      You’re definitely not alone.
      I’ll be revisiting this one. Hopefully soon.

      It’s all over the place.

  2. New sign: “Please help us keep the dojo clean by picking up your ribcage from where it flew across the room.’
    Rei’s Mad-Eye Moody eyeball in panel 1 is scary to me. Killer instinct kicking in? Entering automaton warrior mode?
    It’s like she’s seeing, but not seeing, in panel 2.
    Remind me (again) not to make Rei mad.

  3. I think the reply bug hit this response, responding to @wessodog.

    I agree with you on Rei’s eye expressions. Panel 1 looks like Rei’s waking back up after hitting the wall. Panel 2 looks like she’s just reacting and not really mindfully participating, and the facegrab on Xiu Mei seems to back up that impression.

    This looks more like military-style anything-goes-martial-arts (no, not that) than forms-based stylistic martial arts. Maybe that’s why Cheng looks like his dinner is disagreeing with him.

    Maybe Rei just recently got some instruction in Krav Maga?

  4. @All-Purpose Guru OIC, I hadn’t thought of the wall, although the previous strip appeared to show both combatants solidly within the bounds of the mat. I assumed Rei was blocking Xiu Me’s foot? Or maybe the blow landed and threw Rei back into the wall. Maybe tomorrow’s installment will clarify things.

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