Published On: August 10, 2022

Temper Tantrum

Whatever's on Rei's back seems to be getting to Xiu Mei.

4 thoughts on “Temper Tantrum

  1. Now I want a burger. In-n-Out is so far away…

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      We’ve got this place in the area called Burgatory. Pricey, but it’s… just so so good. Nothing like the bag of cheap Aaron’s running around with there.

      …. how is he paying for all this food anyway?

      1. Man, if Burgatory’s burgers are anything like what they show in the photos on the website it looks a-maze-ing.

        1. Ryan Gindlesperger

          They are, but like, most of their pre-set burgers have that “one ingredient too many” issue. Stellar if you make your own.

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