Published On: April 27, 2022

Realizing You’re the Problem


3 thoughts on “Realizing You’re the Problem

  1. Oh GOD, those eyes. Min Hua is so much in loveā€¦

    Ryan, you outdo yourself. Again.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      I was so focused on Xiu Mei’s impending crisis there that I hadn’t taken the time to really appreciate Min just laying it all out there.

      I’ve been looking forward to doing this part for years. It’s really kinda crazy to keep telling yourself the same story on repeat for this long… and there’s still just… so much more x_x;

  2. I just twigged to something. Cheng is OK with Kenji and Rei just… moving in. That is *awesome*.

    That turn of events would give Kenji a way to pay the bills, allow Rei and Min Hua unlimited (well, reasonably unlimited) smoochy-times, and hopefully keep Kenji under the radar.

    Remember, Xiu Mei and Min Hua are HERE because it’s kind of off-the-map, allowing asshole Dad to hide his politically-inexpedient daughters and to keep trying for sons. Hopefully that anonymity will keep Kenji anonymous too so he doesn’t get tracked down.

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