Published On: February 9, 2022

Xiu Mei Pulls Her Punches

.... she's kicking instead.   So, there won't be an update next week as by the time most of you will be reading this, we'll be packing for Ohayocon in Columbus. OH. We've got some very good masks and relatively short hours, so fingers crossed on avoiding the plague. Three days after we get back, we'll be booking it to DC's National Harbor for Katsucon which is somehow even scarier. Gotta pay that rent~! There's a chance I might be able to have the next update for the 23rd, but it's far more likely that this page'll be up until March 2nd.  Either way, swing by the artist alley if you're insane enough to be attending either of those conventions! As always, thanks for being here <3

3 thoughts on “Xiu Mei Pulls Her Punches

  1. Katsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu here we come ohshitRei’sAbouttoEataHotOne

  2. From the looks of that kick Rei is gonna be embedded in the WALL.

  3. Strangest-looking foot I’ve ever seen…

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