Published On: July 6, 2022

From On High, Min Down Low

Awww! Xiu Mei's relieved about Rei! She does care!

4 thoughts on “From On High, Min Down Low

  1. What the FUCK caused that scar on Rei’s tricep?

    Burning that guy alive was too good for him.

  2. Panel 4 Xiu Mei is… …kinda adorable.

  3. Panel 5 Xiu touching Rei’s face? Aight, fanfiction time. Also yeah that bicep scar is crazy wtf hit and split her like a zipper

  4. @Apolline Allura: Yeah, that scar kind of freaked me out. It would take a really weird weapon, or a horrifying attention to detail to cause that. I can seriously understand what drove Kenji to do what he did, and Xiu Mei simply isn’t going to understand until she’s a mom herself.

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