Published On: December 7, 2022

Hey, That’s Important Information

I'd need a lot of hugs to deal with what Rei's got going on.

3 thoughts on “Hey, That’s Important Information

  1. Hearing Kenji smoked a guy, and not just ANY guy kinda rocks my world too, ngl.

    1. Regardless of what he thinks of himself, Kenji is a good daddy.

  2. Given what we saw Qiang Xu doing to Rei, and her fingering her neck in Panel 4, really drives home what has been tormenting Rei.

    She knows she came *very* close to being killed. For his gratification. Now we find out that she’s been afraid he’s coming after them.

    I can totally sympathize with Kenji, if a monster like that did something to my girl there wouldn’t be much to bury.

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