Published On: January 2, 2015

First Impression

Time to shake things up around here.

2 thoughts on “First Impression

  1. When Min Hua says “Western girl”… Is Rei caucasian? I’m guessing she is from her coloration and hair color, but it would be good to know because it shapes how she’s been treated by other people in the story.

    All dialogue in the prequel is in Mandarin, right? And Kenji and Rei’s first language is Japanese? (sorry, just curious)

    I’ve read the prequel about 6-7 times, it really resonates with me. Your characterizations and story is *amazing*. Those of you just starting out, you’re in for a treat.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Rei is definitely caucasian though her hair color is rather unnatural in this world across human nationality and race. Rei kind of exemplifies “It’s complicated,” and will be getting loads of time in the spotlight further down the line.

      The Lin family speaks Mandarin, though both Xiu Mei and Min Hua learned a measure of English in school. Kenji has quite a few languages under his belt, as does Rei… though at the beginning she is still working though the regional dialect. Both Rei and Kenji’s first language is Japanese.

      I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know you enjoy this so much. I’ve spent the majority of my life thinking about this cast and figuring out how to get their stories across, so, you’re totally giving me that “worth it” feeling!

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