Xiu Mei confidently squares off again. She now looks far more interested in the match.

Min Hua (off camera): Begin!

Kenji leans in to whisper to Min Hua.

Kenji: So, Min Hua, was it? How do you think they're doing? I'm guessing you're the usual referee so you've probably got a good eye for these things.

Grandpa Lin chides Kenji while Min watches the match, relieved that she hadn't responded. Kenji looks annoyed.

Grandpa Lin: Kenji! The girl requires her concentration to remain on the match. Not commentating.

Kenji: Mmm.... Hrmph.

Rei and Xiu Mei stop their match to stare at Kenji's tirade. Xiu Mei looks confused.

Kenji (off camera): Don't worry so much! It's not like anything is going to happen. This is the second round. Rei always drags this out and it gets kind of dull.

Rei: Dad.

Kenji (off camera): So instead of just sitting around and waiting for Xiu Mei to make the first move, I wa-

Rei: Dad. Seriously. Just... just stop.

Published On: January 8, 2015

Second Hand Embarrassment

Xiu Mei is not used to shenanigans.

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