Rei is sitting on top of Xiu Mei, who has caught herself enough to avoid having both shoulders touching the ground, avoiding yielding another point.

Rei: Nice save.

As the fight starts again, Min brushes her hair aside and comments while Grandpa Lin is too engrossed in the match to care.

Rei: Oop! Too slow!

Min Hua: I don't get it. She could have finished it right there...

Kenji replies to Min Hua,

Kenji: Like I said. She always drags the second round out.

Min Hua: Okay, but why?

Xiu Mei, now standing, approaches with a straight high kick, which is avoided by Rei falling back.

Kenji (off camera): Well. If it's over too soon, she won't learn anything.

Published On: January 11, 2015

Dragging it out

They seem to be enjoying themselves.

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