Min Hua and Rei arrive at Min's room. The bed is unmade and there are clothes strewn about. There are also several books laying out.

Min Hua: We're short on space, so you'll be staying with me. I... wasn't expecting company. Sorry for the mess.

Rei walks in as Min watches.

Min Hua: We only have one spare bedroll and your Dad has it... So I guess you can have the bed.

Rei stretches, wincing as Xiu Mei's shot to her stomach acts up.

Rei: Nope, 't's all yours.

Min Hua: Really? But you're a guest...

Rei: Urngh! Uhh... you take it.

Min Hua: Are you sure?

Rei: Yeah, I'm fine with the floor.

Rei holds her stomach while Min watches.

Rei: It looks like you had a rough day. If we're going to get started tomorrow, you're going to need a good night's sleep.

Min Hua: Oh... thanks.

Rei: Jeez, your sister is brutal.

Published On: January 17, 2015

Everyone’s sore!

Congrats, Min. You've got yourself a tutor.

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