Rei faces off against Xiu Mei, Kenji, Grandpa and Min Hua in the background.

Xiu Mei (off camera): Ha! Don't worry. I'm sure it won't come to that.

Grandpa Lin: Xiu Mei, that's enough posturing. Min Hua.

Min Hua: Yes Grandfather. Ready... begin.

Xiu Mei opens with a leg sweep, which Rei avoids by lifting her forward leg.

Grandpa Lin (off camera): Oh hoh! Kenji, has your daughter met my Xiu Mei before?

Rei blocks a high kick, aimed at her temple.

Grandpa Lin (off camera): I rarely see her take such an aggressive stance from the start. She seems offended.

Kenji (off camera): She's not alone.

Min watches the match with a bored expression.

Grandpa Lin (off camera): Oh? What do you mean?

Kenji (off camera): Rei isn't smiling. She always enjoys these opening matches, but this time... It seems our girls already aren't getting along.

Min Hua: Hostility is my sister's specialty.

Published On: January 6, 2015

So Aggressive!

Little too much shade in these pages.

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