Xiu Mei approaches Min and Rei. Min has moved to the same side of the path as Rei and is leaning on the already tied off rope. Rei is blushing as she starts the next length.

Min: Surprised? What're you? Sixteen at least, right? Heh, I hope I get even half a bust like yours.

Min's expression sobers.

Min: And the way you handled Xiu Mei? Everyone knows you were holding back. If you're that good, then maybe...

Xiu Mei grabs Min by the ear, interrupting her.

Xiu Mei: Maybe you'd be that good if you trained harder... or at all! You get time off and this is how you spend it?

Rei grabs Xiu Mei's pointer and middle fingers, pulling them back and away from Min. Xiu Mei is quite surprised and Min Hua glares.

Xiu Mei: Wha? Aaah!!

Rei: Could you not do that to my "student?" Thanks.

Published On: November 6, 2015

Hands Off

Rei's the same age as you, Min.

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