Published On: May 19, 2016

Time Flies By…

Yeah, they're reading Harry Potter.

3 thoughts on “Time Flies By…

  1. I really like how comfortable that they’ve become with each other. A lot like Sare and Ash. I especially like that she’s got Rei sparring with the better kids in her class like T’ien, it kinda bothered me that they wouldn’t ever use her talents to teach– you learn a lot by teaching someone else. Even though Rei is teaching Min Hua, it’s good she can get more experience.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Funny point, T’ien and Rei would be sparring as equals at that point, since Rei’s lack of hours clocked in the style wouldn’t let either sister feel comfortable potentially teaching their students bad habits.

      1. Yeah, but even sparring as equals here would still be good for both of them. Some of the best TKD drills we had were when the normal Master was busy and they brought in the other teacher to help out– just subtle differences makes for a really good learning experience.

        The fact that Rei isn’t one of his normal peers or Min Hua will mean he has to stretch his knowledge to counter what she comes up with– and Rei learns from everybody, so sparring with T’ien is a good experience.

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