Published On: July 27, 2016

Min Hua Prequel Epilogue

Probably shoulda said something there, Rei. Also, that's it for now! With this epilogue now behind us, we are moving into new territory! The main story starts next week. It's gonna look a little different around and I suppose its time to finally start getting a little more serious. If you aren't already, be sure to start watching us on Tumblr for news about our convention schedule and comic updates. I also drop commission stuff on there from time to time, so that's nifty too.

One thought on “Min Hua Prequel Epilogue

  1. Hey, Rei *told* Min Hua she was cute way back here when Min reciprocated by telling Rei she was “way better than some flirty guy with crazy nice arms”.

    These two have had it *bad* for each other for a *while*. They are both just unobservant to the point of being clueless. It’s kinda sweet.

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