Published On: June 16, 2021

Ash in Pigtails!!!

ASH IN PIGTAILS. I repeat: ASH IN PIGTAILS. Unrelated to that: How would you all feel about me potentially moving this over to Webtoons? The cascading format is really appealing and would let me do a LOT more with each content update. Making print versions would be a bit of a pain, but it might be worth it.

7 thoughts on “Ash in Pigtails!!!

  1. My reaction to webtoons is and will remain creeping dread and despair as it consumes the independent comic sites of the internet and slowly corrupts the community into the same algorithm obsessed nonsense that youtube and other hosting sites have going on.

    I have a warm spot in my heart for Hiveworks, since it’s creator owned and has a bunch of the old veterans, and I think they help with website formatting, but I also don’t actually know what their internal politics are like, and I’ve heard they’re pretty exclusive. Case in point, their submissions seem to be currently closed and I don’t know how often they reopen them.

    Of course I still read a ton of stuff on Webtoons, and it’s entirely possible that you could luck out with the algorithm and get a big readership boost, so maybe go ahead and start posting your stuff on webtoons and see if you think it’s right for the comic? I might recommend starting from the prequel and posting a page a day until it’s caught up, just to see if you can game the algorithm that way and maximize your chances.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk, still loving the comic btw, Ash in pigtails is adorable

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Your take is pretty similar to my own.
      The idea of jumping into the algorithm doom-spiral makes me pretty uncomfortable and Hiveworks has a 2-post-per-week minimum… in addition to having closed doors every time we look.

      Ideally, it comes down to me wanting to have more story per update.
      Definitely appreciate the input, and I’m glad you’re still here <3

  2. OMG Ash in pigtails. You have cracked the world, m’boy.

    As for Webtoons– I read a lot of comics, and I fucking HATE Webtoons. Their app is complete dogshit IMHO (I don’t even have it on my phone or iPad any more) and reading Webtoons comics via the web is very clunky.

    Now, if it really unlocks a lot of stuff for you, I’ll put up with it; I’m not going anywhere. That said, lesser comics in my rotation that moved to Webtoons ended up getting dropped by me at some point. (Let me emphasize again, this WILL NOT happen to Mastery.)

    You actually have a pretty good setup here, TBH.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      No worries, I’ve no intentions of dropping this website at the moment.
      It definitely needs some work, but I’m considering things for far down the road.
      It’s all about that scroll-down storytelling that would give me a lot more control over time and pacing.
      I’ve got to figure out how to make that happen on this website before the tail end of Act 2, because of all the huge action set pieces.

      Combat is the worst part of doing a weekly comic.
      I’ll figure it out.

  3. Wondering how this relates timewise to Sare falling from a great height covered in mud. Before, after? Alternate universe/timeline? New thread?
    Love the depth in the last panel with Sare and Derrick blurred in front. Very creative word balloons! Love watching Sare and Derrick face off, her angry lab rat to his ecstatic scientist freakout! Aaaand, athletic footwear to boot. Gotta have that. Of course.
    I’ve never been on Webtoons, but I’ll follow Mastery anywhere. Your call.
    Yes, Ash in pigtails is adorable, especially slurping a juice box like a 9 year old. She seems remarkably unconcerned about the goings-on.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      I stared at Ash with the juice box for longer than I care to admit. It made me so happy xD

      Since timey-wimey shenanigans are potentially so confusing, I’ve been making it that if there is any back-tracking (like Conflict of Interests) it’s announced pretty well in advance.
      You can generally assume a standard forward time progression unless otherwise stated. <3

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