Published On: July 21, 2021

Lots Going On

There is both a lot happening in this one, and not a whole bunch.

4 thoughts on “Lots Going On

  1. Really really well done. The great horror in comics is the “huge wall o’ text.” You handled this *extremely* well.

    I’m really lovin’ the facial expressions on the kids here.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Just got back from a trip. I was really worried about just how much had to be said here and in the next few pages. I’m glad handling it like this worked out <3

      1. I especially like panel one Sarah.

        1. Ryan Gindlesperger

          Same. As much real-estate Sarah and Ash’s relationship has gotten in this comic, I really feel like it’s been understated.
          Affection is everything, man <3

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