Published On: July 7, 2021

Leave It To The Adults

This sounds suspiciously like a plot-driven excuse to see the girls in a slew of different outfits.

8 thoughts on “Leave It To The Adults

  1. NEXT EPISODE: Hot springs visit!

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Would you believe I’ve never considered the idea of a hot springs event for these characters?
      I’ve got a baking-centered AU for Rei and Min, but no hot springs?
      What am I doing with my life?

  2. “ This sounds suspiciously like a plot-driven excuse to see the girls in a slew of different outfits.”

    1. Sign me up!

      (Somehow that line got deleted from the above comment.

      1. Ryan Gindlesperger

        The goal is prom-wear.
        I somehow doubt they’ll stay on-point.

  3. Wait… Last time we saw Sarah she was a few hundred feet up in the air and rapidly getting less feet up in the air…
    Then suddenly she’s back on the ground after cutting away to different characters, totally unscathed and no explanation given?

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      This is one of those situations where I wish I could post more content per update.
      That gets addressed in a couple pages, which flows better as a straight read-through rather than this page-a-week pace.
      Balancing the two is rough, and leads to awkward points like these. Cliffhanger stuff like this in webcomics is always cruel, but it’s an extra pain given how long the wait is.

      I hope the good is outweighing the bad <3

    2. This is something you just gotta get used to in webcomics. You’re reading as the sausage is made, so 3-4 page cliffhangers end up taking a month to resolve.

      For some comics, you want to go back and reread once a chapter completes (I do this with Sleepless Domain, Megatokyo, How to Be A Werewolf, and a couple other webcomics I read. It’s just the way it is. Hell, Megatokyo has so many moving parts all at the same time I really don’t understand what’s going on UNTIL the re-read.

      This one is especially good in the re-read, Ryan puts stuff in that resolves later and you don’t always notice it until you go back and read it all together. This is especially true in the first arc with Rei and Min Hua.

      I’ve probably re-read Mastery about 50 times, it’s that good.

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