Published On: August 16, 2017

Throw Your Weight Around

Poor Mark. Also, 50 pages into the main story and I'm still barely making my deadlines xD.

One thought on “Throw Your Weight Around

  1. But the pages are still fire when you do! Long time no see, augh, my god, I’ve been keeping my eyes on this even if my terrible job hasn’t lent me enough Awake Credits (trademark) to get back in full about the way the story’s been going so far. I think more than a few people have adequately measured my thoughts with their comments though about how amazing it is to see a family unit THIS cohesive and that cares this much. I know we’ll probably get some origin on all that later and for once I’m actually also kinda interested to see how that goes. Moving forward, the supernatural elements also seem to have more than a few people connected what with our two robed specimens going on at length about things I for once am not able to draw connections between the art and/or previous story for, canon or noncanon so GOOD JOB, you have successfully pulled a fan out of “Guess the plot” land. XD

    Seriously it’s also just nice to watch how close they all are. The fun kinda feely touchy. THE PURE FUN, dammit. XD

    Also yo, dunno if you’ve seen but I made good on that thing you sent in a few months back, there was just a month wait in getting started with my job before I was financially secure enough to do so. Keeping eyes on the front page of your dA everyday bro, and as always work not the fingers from the bone, but the bones to sleep before the hands fall off!

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