Published On: September 20, 2017

Snuggle Buddies

Something really cool happened back on the 7th. A supernifty review of Mastery was shared on a newer webcomic critique blog called Vindcara's Desk. It was a really good piece that, along with a few of my more vocal readers, helped me come to a resolution for the near future of the comic that Ari and I have talked about ever since starting Act 1... like... nearly a year ago. I'll have more to say on that next week. I also totally made a correction they pointed out 'cuz they were totally right. xD I'd meant to bring this up sooner, but man I've been a trainwreck xD ------------------------------------------------------ Previous Comments for when (this) was the only version available for view. So, a few things here. I lost over half a week to being sick, so instead of making you all wait an extra day to know what happens next, I'm just dropping the mostly-finished ink-job and will drop the finished version tomorrow. The top part of this message will change to reflect as if this were a usual update. Since I lost so much time, my commission queue didn't budge at all last week, which hurts a lot. Can't physically ink when your hands won't stop shaking and you can't keep your eyes open. This, paired with my already glacial pace of completion, brought me to the decision to (for the time being) perma-close non-convention commission work. Maybe after I clear my current queue I'll open them from time to time, but I have so many side projects that I want to work on that are just not gonna get anywhere if I keep this up. On top of all the Patreon bonus content I want to get rolling (of which, one of the big ones is coming very soon in an unexpected place), I also have this Love Live! fanfiction/doujinshi series idea floating around, a series of 18+ Ranma 1/2 shorts I'd love to indulge in, and all the Manifested Dreams business content that needs to start seeing some production time... I just don't have enough hours in a day! Anywho, I'm looking forward to getting caught up on comment replies from last week and get this page, which I'm pretty damn happy with, wrapped up tomorrow. <3 As always, thanks for watching! You're all giving me real hope that m'girls are gonna get the love they deserve.

6 thoughts on “Snuggle Buddies

  1. Dude. You need to be well to continue on this story. If you die, we will all come over and personally kill you for leaving us high and dry with these characters.

    Most of us that are reading here for free aren’t going to complain if you miss an update because you are sick; and I would wager that the paying customers would feel the same. (please chime in here, dudes, I can’t pay right now and I don’t want to talk for you)

    Seriously, man, get well, and don’t worry about updates if you can’t make ’em. We appreciate all you give us and it is really nice of you to essentially update twice in one week when in reality you shouldn’t update at all.

    Get better soon.

    1. I wish there was some way we could help, or I could help, personally. I’mma keep sliding what I can on through though, my patronage has been rewarded with a bond between creators I cherish even more than some friendships I have. I do share with people when they ask me about the buttons, and I’ll certainly be advertising the hell out of Mastery and your works when the story forming around that OC picture comes together.

      But like Guru speaking facts up there, I’mma agree that you need to vacation or something. We’ll understand if you don’t say when either, everyone’s gonna be right here, with lungs of steel having held them for the next breath this project, or any of the others you have, gives us.

      Left field: Taking a friend through LoK, just brought him through TLA last month, this is probably one of the best rewatches I’ve had the pleasure of in years.

      Yeah though, aaron, dude, we love you, please take a break and get some rest and relaxation. I’ll throw the first person off the bridge that says you haven’t earned it.

      Also tell Ari I said hi!

      1. Ryan Gindlesperger

        Aww <3
        Really, knowing that you're reading is the best part. It's a shame we can't meet up more often. We're such hermits! Make sure you share any writing you get posted with me so I can keep up!
        Also. Duuude, Avatar is like, the perfect example of how to do storytelling right. It's got everything. Ari and I must have watched through Aang's seasons over fifty times and any saltiness I had about LoK has long since evaporated with subsequent viewings. I love it all so much, even when it didn't focus on the things I'd've preferred.
        Message passed to Ari, returned, and no throwing people off bridges. Prison food would suck.

    2. Ryan Gindlesperger

      It would take something as dramatic as being physically incapable of creating the comic anymore to walk away from this story. <3
      I'm doing it for them first and me a close second. <3 I'm actually kinda happy to be posting an unfinished version. I always love it when I get to see these in-progress versions in other webcomics (Goblins does this from time to time and I always dig it).

      I really want their story to be seen. Part of a webcomic's success is reliable updating, so when that falters slightly, I just like making sure that I keep the communication rolling. I've been pretty spotty on the social media front, really only posting update notices, and I rely on this artist comment section a little too heavily. Makes it difficult to backtrack to find conversations. Kind of all over the place here. Couldn't sleep at all after posting! Brain wouldn' shut up! xD

  2. Also I love how intense Ash is. I’m seeing a dynamic that I like here, and I wonder how much of it is mirrored and differentiated in Min and Rei.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      A long time back, I used to worry that the two relationships would be too similar. I don’t worry about that anymore xD.
      They’re pretty wildly different.

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