Published On: February 8, 2017

How Not to Ask for a Date

... This day has really gone to pot. If it weren't for the enormous story we've got for you all, I'd've stuck with more slow-burn relationship drama. Can't say I like putting these two through this.

7 thoughts on “How Not to Ask for a Date

  1. Okay did that knife go IN her or am I just imagining things because of that angle

    1. Looks to me like she’s jumping towards him for a tackle, when he raises the blade.
      It hasn’t gone in just yet, but it’s in prime position to do so.

    2. There’s a few millimeters between the blade and Sarah at that point.

  2. Dale Gindlesperger

    What they asked!

  3. From the looks of this page… it’s KNIFE or nuthin’ ;-P

  4. Just finished good stuff

    1. Thanks! Be sure to stop back on Wednesdays for more~

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