Published On: January 24, 2018

The Talk After the Talk

Work/Convention have made it that this week's comic will be a little late. It's still on its way though!

Nothing from Aaron or Mekarei this week. Just a wrap up to the conversation before the two get time moving fast again. We're getting close to the scene being set for the incident this prequel arc is named after! Also, a heads up that Ari and I got off the wait list for Ohayocon, meaning we'll be in Columbus this weekend! Should be interesting trying to get a page done in time for next week. If any of you are in the area, stop by, say hi, grab a book, hug a bloop. It's always wild hearing people say they're readers in person. <3

2 thoughts on “The Talk After the Talk

  1. Just… wow. Jane’s got it wired. I especially like how she can both lean on Jackie and support her. You can tell she’s thought about this, but it’s a little much for each of them, but the two of them can handle it together.

    Jane is right, you don’t want to mess with CPS if you can avoid it– it’s a definite risk in this case. (My dad ran the Juvenile Hall in the county I grew up in, he had to work with them a lot.)

  2. The weird trivia side of my fangirl brain wants to yell at them that if they hadn’t separated the girls for as long as they did, this wouldn’t have happened, because westermarck effect. And then I have to remind myself that this is a webcomic, not real life, and the westermarck effect might not even exist in this world.

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