Published On: February 14, 2018

The Video

Sarah's life is about to get a little more interesting. ... as if it wasn't already. Crazy week. I'd like a not crazy week for a change. Happy Valentine's Day, all. I woulda had something for Rei and Min, but Min doesn't celebrate it and Rei's... having a rough time at this point in the story. Sarah's finally showing off her love of shoes for you all, so... there's that?

4 thoughts on “The Video

  1. Small typo in panel four, right side.
    “CurNent 03.05”

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger


  2. It’s little stuff like you getting the shoelace-tying exactly that amaze me about your drawing. How long did you make certain people suffer in getting the *exact* pose? And did you reward them with Peanut Butter Cup Swirl?

    I also like the strands of hair hanging in front of Sarah’s ears, going back into the ponytail. It adds a lot of facial character and the feeling of motion. Her after-run pose is perfect also, but she better cool down or she’s gonna suffer.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Google is a great resource for pictures and my phone’s selfie camera gets loads of quality time with my fuzzy self.
      We do like pb-cup swirl, but then there’s chocolate fudge swirl. Haagen Daas. The good stuff. /TackyYellowNoNameReference

      Sarah definitely would cool down. This and shoe critiques have been her “thing” for years. She knows her stuff.
      Which is super annoying, because I knew nothing about it going in. Even after learning, I find it pretty boring, but… that’s what happens when your characters write themselves!

      Also, I DO plan on slinging you an email. Life has just been nuts. This week has been gobs of cleaning the apartment and work insanity. Still haven’t started the next page!!~ What is life if not lived on the ragged edge of disaster?

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