Published On: May 3, 2017

Some [Not So] Alone Time

Smooth Ash. Real smooth.

6 thoughts on “Some [Not So] Alone Time


    First you get all that smooth, delicious tension wrapped in metaphorical, close up, detailed, expression erection chocolate…


    This is a family comic though. Sorta. Kinda. Is it? I think it is. Cheers, y’all.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Yeah, any 18+ content would be under a limited, restricted kind of release. Maybe eventual patreon content? Definitely for print.

      This? This is just a bad day continuing xD

  2. Eh, I’d contribute to such a patreon, should you decide to persue it.

    That said, stupid sexy cliffhanger. Already eager for the next update.
    I really like the way the fire changes the intensity of the lighting in the middle panels, then back to darker below as Sarah puts it out.
    And I like the way you’re not constrained by the panel layout. Fr’instance, Ash’s head sticking up above the bottom left panel, and her arm ducking below the prior panel. It doubles the use of the imtermedian spaces, and pulls the viewer in.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      I’m really glad that it gets noticed! Stuff like the panel is a lot of fun to me and always thought it was cool when I saw other people do it.

      Krystle and I are always thinking about what to do with our Patreon. I think I’d have to cut off out-of-convention commission work to make that happen since time is always such a limiting factor. It really may be worth it since I’d love to show off more of the personal time and out-of-story moments that flesh out everyone’s relationships.

    2. What Kifaya says. Your art is amazing, the way you control the page and cover everything looks really good. I especially like how the panel boundaries intersect but don’t interfere with the art.

      1. Ryan Gindlesperger

        Honestly, that comes from reading Oh! My Goddess. The panel layouts in that series are incredible and was a huge inspiration for me. <3

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