Published On: May 1, 2018

Alone Time

Keeping that kind of stuff on your phone is a recipe for disaster.   Also, yikes. That was a rough couple of weeks. Hopefully things start progressing a little easier from here on.

5 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. Oh, GOD, I *knew* this was gonna be Sare’s reaction.

    Ash fucks up, and Sarah thinks “what’s wrong with ME?”

    Ash, USE HUG.


  3. Some of the tension that could be here is diffused by the fact that this is all flashback, and we know how tight the girls are in the present. Still, it’s nice to know that it wasn’t always roses and sunshine in the backstory.

  4. Yeah, we get that. It’s just hard to see these characters going through pain.

    Remember, this is Ryan building up these characters so we understand their motivations and behavior. We KNOW there’s drama in the backstory, it’s been alluded to in the present time, especially with Jake, who I assume is yesterday’s innuendo-dude. Hell, the title of this arc, “Conflict of Interests”, tells us this isn’t gonna be easter egg hunting.

    We already know the pain that Min Hua went through, and that was pretty heart-rending too. Hopefully we won’t see long-standing damaging effects from it when she gets back into the story, but it IS going to govern and determine her behavior in the future.

    Same with this stuff.

    1. Dagnabbit, that was *supposed* to be a response to Thor.

      It seems that replies to the last comment are the ones that get un-replied.

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