Min swipes at Rei's face, which is avoided by a back bend.

Min: Fantastic!?

Min leaps at Rei who is still recovering from her dodge. Rei begins to fall backwards.

Min: Seriously!? I can't even lay a finger on you!

Rei: Oop!

Rei redirects the fall and pins Min into the grass. Min is bewildered as to how Rei managed this.

Rei: Well, yeah. Of course you can't. You're not supposed to. This isn't a fight...

Min: H-how did... ??

Rei plops down next to Min, but doesn't release her hand. Min stares at Rei's hand on her own.

Rei: I was just seeing where you were at... remember? You're way further along than I expected. This'll be easier than I thought.

Min: Mmm.

Published On: November 17, 2015

How Did She…?

Temper temper...

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  1. Rei’s got moves.

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