Published On: May 31, 2023

We All Saw That Coming

So. New website layout. Pretty awful right? I'm poking through to try and figure out what all I'll be commissioning the theme creators to "fix" for me, so this is a pretty good time to ask if there's anything you guys would want (aside of the obvious more frequent updates). Personally, I'm already aiming for:

• Archived pages sorted by chapter.
• Less subtle navigation.
• More constrained under-page text section for commenting. I'd like it's borders to line up with the comic page instead of this 100% page width stuff.
• A dedicated "blog" section for the front page so these conversations don't get locked under comic pages and become impossible to hunt down.

The only thing I think I DO like for this setup is having a list of the latest pages on the landing page instead of just the latest page. I'd definitely want the latest to be big enough for the thumbnail to quickly show if you've seen that one or not, but it's always bugged me that the only way I could really pass news along was through the latest page's comments.

One thought on “We All Saw That Coming

  1. Root Boom. My favorite beverage.

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