Published On: March 8, 2023

That There’s Some Fae Nonsense

As the lights go down in Cheng Du, two dweebs sit in the dark in Bristol.

6 thoughts on “That There’s Some Fae Nonsense

  1. Does Xiu Mei have an inkling of what’s to come, or is she Yikesing at the prospect of girl-on-girl snorgling? I would have thought she’d have resigned herself to that outcome eventually…

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Definitely at the ease everyone else is adapting to the new supernatural aspect of their lives. Its like those two weren’t even bothered by it!

      1. Yeah, life for Xiu Mei is probably going to be the biggest change. Rei has had a pretty weird life all along, and Min Hua has had a pretty good dose of contact insanity from Rei. Like Cheng said, Xiu Mei seems to have been coasting for a while.

        I love these guys, they seem to be a pretty strong family unit, Rei included.

        1. All-Purpose Guru

          The idea that Cheng is like, “Hey, you can stay here indefinitely, even got a house for you” is kind of neat. He accepts these two crazy people as part of his family.

  2. Is that the Purple Meanie, or the real Derrick Franklin? No glowy eyes…

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      That’s a pretty good question, though they weren’t there at first when it was talking to Aaron back when Rei and Min took their fall either.

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