Published On: August 16, 2023

Ash Doesn’t Spook Easy

We made a surprise visit to Matsuricon last weekend and managed to snag a table for the Artist Alley. That was pretty cool, and it was a good time. After the show, not so much. An hour after getting home, we had to run to the ER, which Ari talked about on both her Instagram - and on Tiktok - Those are pretty good ways to keep up with how we're doing, so if you're interested, enjoy those links. <3

She's okay and we got home quickly enough for me to finish this week's page, but... that was a lot. I'm beat.

4 thoughts on “Ash Doesn’t Spook Easy

  1. Holy hell. Ash has *cojones*. Most people talk about facing their fears, Ash friggin’ INTERVIEWS them.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      It’s kind of a relief to know that the importance was caught. I worried it’d been too long since we saw those two.

      1. Maybe put a link in the text above to the page where these critters first showed up?

        1. Ryan Gindlesperger

          I like the idea. Unfortunately, this wordpress theme is really finicky about ordering of content. It doesn’t really let me put any text in the same space as the comic page without it being turned absurdly large and becoming a link to the next page like the page itself.

          Man. Web is such a pain.

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