Published On: February 25, 2023

Take a Deep Breath

Fun that the darkest page I've put up is also one of nicest. We're kinda back! I'd meant to start posting again on the coming Wednesday, but thanks to Covid-brain I'd looked at last year for advertising the right date. Oops! Here's the two graphics that we used during the break. Figured you'd want access to these since they're Ash chilling in the tub. So, here's Wednesday's post a bit early. <3  Sorry about that!

One thought on “Take a Deep Breath

  1. Those eyes in panel 2 are AMAZING.

    This may be a “dark” page but your control of the shadows and the darkness is beautiful. I normally like your artwork but this shit is Next Level. It’s good enough to ignore the slightly goofy toes in panel 1.

    Well worth the wait.

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