First off, wanted to bring up again the awesome review that Vindcara’s Desk posted at the beginning of the month because it was super cool, well done, and actually helped Ari and I confirm the move that begins with this week’s update.

Long time readers may remember back when I had planned on running a prequel story featuring Sarah and Ash after Rei and Min Hua’s had wrapped up. It’s called Conflict of Interests (Oh wow, old concept art). Looking back, that really would have been the best way for the story to flow. Give you all a chance to meet these two knuckleheads before… tossing them into the fire. Well, good news. You’re getting that shot. Conflict of Interests, which was going to become Patreon content, is now going to start up after a few lead-in pages. After Conflict of Interests ends, I’ll re-arrange the pages to ensure that, for new readers, it’s read before Chapter 1 starts.

This… is gonna be good. As always, thanks for reading <3