Published On: May 22, 2018

Fast Forwarding a Little

Sarah's "This is Fine" face is kinda great. Also, gonna mess with the backgrounds a bit more when I'm not a shambling groan monster. <3

10 thoughts on “Fast Forwarding a Little

  1. And the way that smile seems to grow more secure as the day goes on.

    Your faces are so eloquent, speaking a world with a single expression.

    Also, ‘Ash’s door?’ … and not-at-all-suspicious guy wearing a surgical mask, sunglasses, and black hooded trenchcoat.

  2. “Find Your Muse”, I *LOVE* it.

  3. he’s not actually wearing any mask tho.

  4. Ryan Gindlesperger

    No worries on the door. That’s just painted on the side of Jane’s shop to make fun of how short she is. The tool in the trench-coat is just Todd being a little edgelord. <3
    It makes me super happy that the expressions are appreciated. I love me some wordless time-progression.

  5. Wouldn’t have pictured Sare getting her nails done, but hey, that’s why you do character building, right?

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Definitely not her thing, but her Mom really likes it. Hand massages are hard to say no to once you’ve had ’em <3

      1. Ooh yeah, I had a whole hour class devoted to learning how to do hand massages when I was taking classes in massage therapy.

        1. Ryan Gindlesperger

          I came REALLY close to taking massage therapy up as a career. Ari’s gets kinda sad I didn’t now and again. <3

        2. All-Purpose Guru

          I got about 1/3 of the way through the clinical program before carpal tunnel put an end to it. You can do it with CT but it’s much harder and more complicated.

          Just take the first class or two, it will teach you the basics and make Ari very very happy. Just foot massage alone is an amazing thing after a day on your feet.

  6. Ha! I recognize that street. And I love the way Ash looks in the last panel. The shading, pose, and bralette look really good.

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