Incident 284 Research Notes – 001:
A. Fairchilde: Are you sure this is relevant? This seems a little too far back. The incident only began the day before we engaged.
M. Winsaia: I’m following the record’s recommendations. You know the entity sat dormant for a long time, so settle in.
M. Winsaia: You wanted context, so pay attention and don’t skip ahead, Aaron.
A. Fairchilde: … thanks. 😛
A. Fairchilde: Nerd.

Artist’s Notes:
So much to do, so little time. If you do any of that twitter/instagram/tumblr thing, keep an eye out. I’m apparently a masochist and want to toss some “Inktober” offerings up there. There’s this supernifty My Hero Academia piece I dropped up there yesterday that I’m stupid proud of.