Incident 284 Research Notes – 002:
A. Fairchilde: Well… at least they’re past the “Sparkle in Eye” stage…
M. Winsaia: If you want psychological background on the subject, you need to be informed on their family situation.
M. Winsaia: I will admit, I didn’t expect the Record to be so… thorough.
A. Fairchilde: I know that after this incident is wrapped up, I’ll want to look into the logic behind the Records search structure. This is pretty advanced.
A. Fairchilde: Also, are you watching this? A functioning, beneficial 4-way polyamorous relationship that’s rolling after 20 years? I’m going to rub this in Kreel’s pompous face when I see him next.

Artist’s Notes:
Nyancon was awesome last weekend. Tsubasacon should be great this weekend.
Gonna go pass out now <3 As always, thanks for watching! It's pretty swell of you.