Published On: June 19, 2018

Custom Friend Filters are a Good Thing

So, quick heads up, but next week's page may be a day late. We'll be at Too Many Games in Oaks, PA at the Greater Philadelphia Convention Center this weekend, so... if you're around, swing by and say hello!~ It'll be our first time there, so fingers crossed that it goes well.

9 thoughts on “Custom Friend Filters are a Good Thing


    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      An in-universe Facebook/Instagram replacement xD

  2. Maaaaan, if I EVER deigned to look at *my* 18 year old daughter’s text messages she would have murdered me, ran the car over my dead body, and *then* changed her password.

    When she was younger, sure, but now? Hell to the no.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      It’s even worse than that xD
      Those were comments on a public post, and the Moms are all on everyone’s friends lists.

  3. I love Julie and Amanda’s avatars. Julie is very in your face and Amanda is all dark and brooding.

  4. Ach, I don’t know what I was thinkin’. Obviously that’s Jane’s phone, it matches her fingernails, and Sare obviously has a silver/light blue one from this comic.

    Once you get on your kid’s Facepork they move all the juicy stuff somewhere the ‘rents can’t get to it.

  5. Did it start out as a site about coffee? =)

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Head-canon accepted.
      That is now totally how that site got started. xD

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