Published On: July 4, 2018

Support Circle

So. Gonna be at Connecticon next weekend. Any of you gonna be there?

9 thoughts on “Support Circle

  1. pfft. “You can only expect so much.” Awesome.

    This from a script written by a dude with 4 female protagonists in his comic, where the only men involved are in the periphery. (Well, except for Andrew the Aforementioned, who is in the Cute Periphery.)

    Oh, quick question. Is Andrew asian? I had noticed he looked asian earlier but never got around to asking…

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      That he is!
      He’s got a bit in there for sure.
      I’m also gonna add your typo catch tomorrow. >_> Thanks.

  2. Just from the sketches, I am *really* lovin’ the dynamic you’re putting together here. You can almost SEE Sare wringing her hands and breaking out in a sweat. All the characters are really spot-on.

    Of course, you’re also building the ominous thunder in the background, because even I can sense that this can, and probably will, go horribly horribly wrong.

    And Andrew is a smart boy. Hang out with the girl’s friends if you want to get in good with them, and hey, more cute friends.

    (psst: Panel 3, you want “track’s” ’cause it’s short for “track has”)

  3. I like to watch the process, nice!

    Amanda’s shirt goes from sleeves in panel 2 to sleeveless in panel 6.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      You’re absolutely right. x_X Got it fixed in the file that I’ll hopefully be uploading later today.

  4. Final panel, who is speaking the speech bubbles that say “You guys… …interested.”?

    I like this page, but the ‘feel’ of it is very different, and I couldn’t figure out why– and I finally figured out why. This page has a lot of PINK content, and that makes it feel much different.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Ack. Gotta aim that bubble-tree at Amanda a bit more clearly… and Ash’s balloon tail is completely lost in Amanda’s shirt.
      Julie tends to be a pillar of pink, and Sarah’s rare indulgence is kind of adding to that. I hope it’s not off-putting. I’m kind of a fan xD

      1. Not at all, the page just has a slightly different “feel’ to it with both of them being the major characters in-frame and both wearing pink. Julie’s hair kinda puts it over-the-top.

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