Published On: July 31, 2018


You're all the best for keepin' with me as I go through this would-be-comedic-if-it-wasn't-about-painful-injuries comedy of errors. <3 Really makes me feel like I've got your confidence. 

13 thoughts on “Steamrolled

  1. I think this is Ash trying to overcompensate for guilt, yes?

    It also doesn’t help that she *does* have a thing for Andrew, which is makin’ her want Sare to have someone too.

    Ryan, we *know* this is all gonna go horribly wrong. Not only do we have faith in you we’re hooked.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      It’s really tough not being able to just come out and say where things are going.

      This scene/series of pages, while containing a lot of important interactions, really feels sluggish to me. Part of that may be because my time sense in general is currently borked and the one-page-a-week update pace is murder to endure, but I’m really looking forward to getting through this part.

      Entirely unrelated, 555 comments currently up on the comic now. That’s kinda neat.

  2. Oh, dude, don’t take my errant musings as requests for spoilers. I didn’t mean it that way.

    I don’t want to open my presents early, but I *do* wonder what is motivating these dudes. Kind of a slow-motion train wreck, you can’t stop watching.

    One of the reasons that I’ll go back and reread sections is because what you’re doing is handing us a book one page at a time. We *know* it’s gonna be better once we have the graphic novel in-hand– and we (I’m possibly speaking out of turn for all of us, so feel free to bat me down) know that the ultimate thing you have to focus on is the flow of the finished narrative.

    There’s gonna be slow spots, and spots where you gotta go reread it because something you read 4 weeks ago is directly related to something you see today, and in the final book you read it 60 seconds ago. I have a couple comics I follow *cough* Megatokyo *khaaak* No Need for Bushido *choke* where I’m kinda irretrievably lost and I’ll have to do an archive trawl to figure out what the hell I’m reading once the current chapter ends.

    Your stuff holds up much better than that, but you gotta keep your eye on the prize.

    Just keep drawin’, we’ll keep readin’.

  3. Huh, I posted a big long post, and it didn’t show up.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      It was there. The system’s anti-spam makes it that I have to manually approve larger comments or ones with a dubious origin. I flailed a little at it, given that I used to follow NN4B back before a long haitus and Megatokyo daily. It’s for that finished narrative that has me interjecting this lengthy side-trip into the past. It seems a bit odd, as does the complete tonal shift after Rei gets back to Min’s, but it’ll make sense in retrospect.
      It’s just a bit of a slog thanks to the one-a-week pace.

  4. Oh, forgot to mention, I like Ash’s hair in panel 3. I’m gonna miss it going forward.

    1. Not to be nitpicky, but something odd with Sare’s right hand in panel 3?

      Sorry, I hate to leave these out in the open…

      1. Ryan Gindlesperger

        Yup. She’s got a thumb on the wrong side there.
        *shakes head* Wow. xD

        1. All-Purpose Guru

          Aargh, now I just noticed THAT. Sorry, not what I was talking about, but I could have been more specific, I guess. I meant Sare’s right hand, not the “hand on the right.” I think the wrist looks a little… …off? Maybe it’s the interaction of the wrist with the brachioradialis muscle. In any case, on her right hand, the thumb is on the correct side (right next to Julie’s armpit.)

          Sorry for the bad news, dude. I really hate to nitpick, your artwork is pretty fantastic overall.

  5. Well, I certainly qualify as being of “dubious origin.” *snerk*

    Dude, what you’re doing here is really cool. Yeah, it goes kinda slow and side trips in the narrative will flow funny in the once-a-week format, but it’s a *lot* better in this format than being something “you really want to do someday.”

    Besides, we can always go back and reread things once you’ve got them all drawn, so it’s all good.

    1. Dammit, that reply bug got me again. Sorry about that.

  6. Man I gotta see you guys this year if you hit Katsu. I’m coming with pliers for those story deets. And commission money!

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      I’ll totally let you know as soon as I do if we get into Katsu. We’re currently wait-listed, meaning we’re on the list, but not confirmed yet.

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