Published On: December 18, 2019

Less Stick, More Honey

Hope the word balloon order wasn't too confusing on this one. This one only barely made it out on time. It's like, amazing how much this year has tried to keep me down. Hopefully, this second wisdom tooth that requires a surgical solution will be the last bad thing for a while. Thank you for reading. Your comments always make me smile, and it's really helped to keep me goin'. The comic has come a long way, and I know I keep saying it's just getting started, but that's because it is. At some point, I'm hoping my art gets to the point where I can convey all of this the way I'd like. Ideally I'll get some time in to focus on that next year <3. Won't be leaving for the holiday's so no holiday hiatus until mid-January. We're goin' to Japan for Live Fest! xD

4 thoughts on “Less Stick, More Honey

  1. Oh come on, you can at least say if who they don’t want the attention of is supposed to be good guys or bad guys. (That’ll at least distinguish between “fire bad” and “fire not a toy”.)

    Also maybe give a few pointers on things that should be torched, even if they don’t make them uncomfortable.

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Unfortunately, that could lead to some dangerous territory.
      Heck, I’m unsure of how much I should be saying about this.

  2. Wait, does Aaron have a full tie on or not?

    1. Much like the hole Sare burned in him, he seems to be “self healing” it.

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