Published On: October 9, 2019

If We Can See Them…

Really not thrilled about how much I've been having to resort to posting works in progress, but this year has been just brutal so far from the health and work ends of things. Things are definitely on the upturn now, so don't worry too much. I've got my fingers crossed that this'll be wrapped up tomorrow with last week's perspective issues getting dealt with shortly after. Things are so close to stable. It'll be great to stop dropping 'man stuff is hard' on repeat every week! That's for our girls here to be griping about!

4 thoughts on “If We Can See Them…

  1. K’rkck indeed.

  2. …and then everyone had stands?


    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Somehow, this had not occurred to me.
      Am I a failure of a weeb now?

  3. Aww! Love the Nico reference!

    And Ash hiding in the last panel is so cute.

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