Published On: September 16, 2020

Jane Catches Up

Ash is looking pretty disappointed. I don't blame her.   Shading, detailing, and all that coming... soonish?

3 thoughts on “Jane Catches Up

  1. aaaand Jane gets the SECOND “Oh, Fuck” of the day. Having this happening to HER GIRLS has gotta weigh pretty heavy on her.

  2. Shading! Art! And for some reason my eyes do wander about Jane’s curves when I’m usually not about for that body type. At least not often. The bottom panel must’ve been hell but also a blast to put together. I literally forgot how much crazy shit these two have seen given it’s been so much time out of universe. What’s next?

  3. Shading brought out A LOT here. It made me notice Ash in panel 4, f’rinstance. She looks *SO* disappointed… …tears my heart out, all she wants is to be open with everyone about the great girlfriend she has… …and she can’t even do THAT.

    Great art, as always, Ryan. Definitely worth the wait.

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