Published On: May 29, 2019

The End is in Sight

Bet some of you forgot over the past year that this was all flashback~ Seriously though... this is some pretty invasive stuff.

7 thoughts on “The End is in Sight

  1. Aaaaaaand we’re back!

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger


  2. I started to wonder a while back if we were still in flashback territory 😛

    1. Ryan Gindlesperger

      Yeah, with all the interruptions in posting and this once-a-week pace, this has been a long side-trip.

  3. You’re tearing my heart out, here.

  4. I TOTALLY forgot this was all Flashback

  5. So according to Aaron, this is a *muted* response.

    Well, I suppose so, I probably expected Sare to pound him into the floor.

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