Published On: August 12, 2020

Is This… a Recap Episode?

Cool story, I saved over last week's page's artwork files with THIS week's by accident! So... gotta remake the entire last page. Fun?  Either way, have a fully colored/shaded/BG'ed page. First in a bazillion-quadrillion years! :D

4 thoughts on “Is This… a Recap Episode?

  1. Jane looks…decidedly rather serious! Whoa–what’s about to happen?

    Also Ash’s story embellishments are the best.

  2. They’re later than she expected…
    Because the school called to let her know, her daughter stopped by the nurse’s office and will be leaving school early that day.
    They need to talk…
    About making up bogus excuses to cut class. Education is important!
    She may be into “witchy stuff,” but she’s still a MOM! =)

  3. Ominous lighting. Check.
    Serious expression. Check.
    “We need to talk.” Check.
    (nothing good EVER comes after “We need to talk.” EVER.)

    I’m still thinkin’ that actual supernatural and superpowers is still gonna be outside Jane’s core competencies. Still the best person to ask, though.

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