Published On: March 18, 2020

Making the Choice

Things have been pretty insane for the past couple weeks. Neither of us caught anything (that we're aware of) but we're working from home now which has somehow made us even busier. Have to push the next update to next week. Again. Truly sorry. Ours hasn't been the situation that's allowed more time for creative efforts.
This will make a lot more sense visually once everything's finished.  I feel like I'm stuck in this rut of Mastery Update - Day One Patch! Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have a finished version.  I hope you're all keeping safe out there. Ari and I start telecommuting to work starting tomorrow because social-distancing for Coronavirus is a good thing. Getting two hours of every day back from traffic should go a long way toward getting everything back on track. Stay safe and wash those hands.  

2 thoughts on “Making the Choice

  1. YO! Good lookin gettin things back on track here. Are you and yours fine during these times?

  2. Amanda’s gonna freak when she finds out what she missed…

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