12/20/2017 Update!

To make sure I get commissions wrapped up this year, I’m taking everyone’s advice and just holding off on updating until likely January 10th. I’ll share a few things that’ll poof once the comic is rolling again as usual.

We got the 1,001 Knights books in. They look amazing and we’ll have them up on the shop soon. They came with these nifty little “signature plates” that we can insert that we can include notes or sketches to accompany that I’ll take advantage of for anyone ordering them.

I’m really looking forward to being productive again.

Original Post

Ash took a chance there.
Sarah responded better than she could have hoped… so she doubled down.

I’ll probably add to this when I’m not half dead. <3 Thanks for reading! 12/20/2017 Update!


This is where you can buy the things.

Apparently, the prequel collection option (the book along with related microfiber and buttons) is just within the weight restrictions for First Class mailing, which is cheaper than Priority. That’s pretty cool. The 1,001 Knights book that Rei appears in will be available soon as well. I’ll let you all know when those are up. Those books are huge, beastly, and beautiful.